I would like users to enjoy these unfamiliar multimedia forms and E-BOOKS in a form which will be most easily legible, enjoyable and flexible

Ebooks are a wonderful and cheap new way of publishing. Many of Triscel's ebooks, including the examples here, are set out with a double-page spread. I would like you to be able to enjoy them that way, especially when the illustrations cross pages. I also want you to be able to magnify the text for steady easy reading. 

But that may not be easy with the apps you normally have on your computer. You could for instance view the .pdf e-books with the Adobe Acrobat pdf Reader or whatever you have onboard. BUT ... Double-page spread can only easily be seen with the latest free Adobe issue. Why not download and install it from them here? http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?platform=windows&product=10

NB set up you options under VIEW to look like

Cheers Dafydd 


CV triscel_easy_intro_overview storymaster The Thirteen Main Stories - Choose how You Would Like to Read Them childhood adolescence 1 A PDF B FLIP C Pdf text 2 A PDF B FLIP C Pdf text childhood adolescence 3 A PDF B FLIP C Pdf text 4 A PDF B FLIP C Pdf text 5 A PDF B FLIP C Pdf text 6 A PDF B FLIP C Pdf text 7 A PDF B FLIP C Pdf text 8 A PDF B FLIP C Pdf text 9 A PDF B FLIP C Pdf text 10  A    PDF  B   FLIP  C   Pdf text 11  A    PDF  B   FLIP  C   Pdf   text 12  A    PDF  B   FLIP  C   Pdf   text 13  A    PDF  B   FLIP  C   Pdf  text THESE APPS YOU CAN USE TO READ & VIEW TRISCEL E-BOOKS ON YOUR CHOSEN DEVICE …..

Believe me if you will.... An even easier and neater job is to see the ebook pictured like a real book whose pages turn.  The Middle FLIPBOOK option above will do this on pcs and macs, and you only have to click your mouse on a page to enlarge the text. But the file may be too hefty for your iPad or Android or Amazon tablets. 

However PC AND MAC users could also download and install the SODA free .pdf reader which has a 3D mode for ebooks with real book-like features, and get it from here http://www.sodapdf.com/?cmp=lulusoftware.com

On iPad, reader Sidebooks Reader does the same job, and you can find other iPad and Android readers in AppStore which at least show the ebook as a continuous right-wards scroll of pages, side by side, such as iPad's Folio and Foxit, and Ivanko's Pdf Viewer and Reader for Android does both PDFs and djvu's.

But in my judgment the most flexible free viewers, with versions for almost all devices, are the relatively unfamiliar .djvu format.

The way they work differs. Have courage, and try - instructions are either given as icons at the top in the usual place, or else you click the centre of the image to see controls

It's easier far in .djvu to get the complete spread and to move about with mouse or controls, and the magnification is steady and consistent.

Get these versions and instal them perhaps? …….

 ANDROID: Ivanko's Pdf Viewer and Reader for Android: both       PDFs and djvu's

 IPAD: DjVuReader surely the best and easiest





Keep it simple. Just download a simple text version of any ebook without images.

Click on the .mobi text to read on your computer or device using an app, for instance from Amazon Kindle.

Or else download the file, and then transfer it by plugging your reading machine in via a suitable USB cable.

OR if you prefer to have paper in your hand to read from, click the main image, and on each page of optional ebooks you will find pdf simple texts suitable to print

childhood venture master childhood Oxford