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Timeline of the Lives described or analysed in TRISCEL

1869 ... grandmother (mother of father) Sarah Jane Miles (Board) born, eldest child of William Edmund & Anne Miles, Llandaff. Dies 1958.

1876 ... grandmother (mother of mother) Katy Church, born Chewton Mendip, Somerset. Dies 1947.

1898 ... father Frank Henry born, Canton Cardiff

1900 ... mother Edith Mary Hole born, Barry

1904 ... William Edmund dies at only 54, as Mercantile Accountant of shipping firm, John Corey, Mountstewart Square Cardiff.

1923? Parents married. Michael Miles Board brother born 1927, Gloucester. Valerie Board (King) born 1930.

1938 ... David Frank Board (later Dafydd Miles Board) born

1939 - 1945 Second World War. Family grows in Gloucester. Frequent visits to ‘home’ Barry and Cardiff. Bombing in all three places.

1941 - 1950 Widden Street School Gloucester. Meets lifetime friend, now retired Professor David Evans, now Gloucester Virginia.

1950 -1957 The Crypt School, Gloucester

1957 Civilian National Service as conscientious objector: first phase horticultural labourer

1958 - 1959 second phase:  porter at isolation hospital, Standish Stonehouse Glos

1959 - 1962 Balliol College Oxford BA degree history, with history of Church emphasis. Interrupted by grave illness following obligatory smallpox vaccination, and collapse of pituitary gland below brain. Recovery helped by several spells in the Hebrides. Loss of memory and delayed BA degree 1962

1962 - Summer as Welsh Workers’ Educational Association lecturer, followed by selection as a  studio manager, BBC Cardiff.

1964 - 1968 BBC producer and writer, first informally in Wales, then Broadcasting House London in Current Affairs, and briefly in Religious Broadcasting. Meanwhile:

Association and lecturing at Catholic Radio and TV Centre with Father Agnellus Andrew OFM leads to selection in 1968 as first ever Catholic Information Officer,England and Wales

1974 - selected as British Consultor on Vatican Social Communications Commission

1972 - 1976, with increasing staff appointed at first Chief Information Officer then overall head as National Coordinator of all Catholic Information Services     

1982 - returned to Wales as professional consultant to Head of Programmes, Sianel Pedwar Cymru (S4C)

1982, 1986 till 1992 - Bethany Community & Communications, and various contracts to produce religious, educational and charitable work in new multimedia as ‘Minimedia’ or ‘Group Media’ at home and abroad

1992 - long delayed but final breakdown in health with eventual discovery of pituitary failure by MRI scan, and thus permanent disablement. Creative retirement and total occupation with family follows. ‘Triscel’ begins in seventieth year 2008, using some work dating back to decades before this

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