The Revd David Miles Board creates recent and present works  under the pen-name Dafydd ap Ffransis-Meilir Return to home page

The author spent his life working with media. He naturally thinks in images

In metaphors in fact – visually, as well as in poetical words. The image and its metaphors may reveal meanings hidden to rational thought. Triscel is a multimedia complex of visions and inferences rather than explanations.

But what of, and why, this huge work ‘Triscel’? The size is firstly due to its being an experiment in interactivity and reader (or viewer) choice. Each person will approach the selection from the whole work differently, use its different media separately, and read about different periods or topics. The personality who appears in the stories as Sansio asks how this new and more complex form might better be described. “A ‘life-scan’, or ‘life-scale’ or something like that? As it might be put: a statement of significant events and transitions in a life, and the feelings, thoughts, and beliefs they give rise to, expressed in prose, poetry and visual images.”